Delivering Profit With Value Stream Mapping

All businesses set out to deliver profits but unfortunately all businesses attract costs that eat into these profits. Costs can come in various shapes and sizes from wages for staff to inventory costs – minimizing these operating costs are a key activity for most businesses.

While there are a variety of tools and techniques for attacking costs, much can be learned from lean tools that measure the value stream. The value stream is the flow of the product throughout its production attracting value that is of benefit to the end customer.

One such tool is Value Stream Mapping – a technique for mapping the flow of information and material flows through a production process. A well known tool with its foundations in the automotive industry value stream mapping is a simple but effective tool in the analysis of business processes and can be used to capture and assess business issues.

Value stream mapping captures data such as inventory and process times which can be used to determine bottlenecks and areas adding cost. Through producing a current state value stream map these processes can captured and analysed allowing for improvements to be targeted through appropriate improvement programs. Though re-engineering the business process via a future state map business waste and cost can be reduced

Remember that value stream mapping is a process mapping tool and as such on its own cannot save costs in isolation however it is an excellent tool for capturing issues and providing improvement teams sufficient ammunition and a foundation for driving value within the business.

Audio Streaming and Website Strategy

Adding sound clips to your website is something that makes sense and often intrigues your visitors. In fact in a recent study of 100 websites in 10 different industries those links which had audio streaming available where used 50% more than all the other pages on the website. Why?

Because Internet Surfers and users like them and it is beneficial to please the users of your site, as it increases repeat visits and tends to keep users on your site surfing longer and increasing your average page views too.

Audio streaming should be simple and buffering needs to be set to not the slowest connection speed, but rather a mean average of 52K. Many users especially if you are in a technology trade will be well above that, they are not use to waiting for such nor should you make them wait.

Another thought is simply to allow them to set their own speed and buffer with couple of extra clicks they are good as gold and happy as punch. What types of audio can you have? Well quick audio streaming of NASCAR racing or something of that nature sure makes it fun if you have an automotive industry site.

If you have an aviation site or science site, how about sounds from the Reno Air Races or Neil Armstrong’s famous quote; “One small step for man, once giant step for mankind!” Consider audio streaming and how it can help your website strategy in 2006.

Automotive Sales – How to Replace the Income You Have Lost

The Automotive Sales industry is full of very talented sales people that are struggling to make ends meet since the down turn of the economy in October of 2008. This article will be the first in a series discussing the difficulties that these people are facing and how they can over come them.

I have been in the Automotive sales and sales training industry for over 25 years. I have seen some very good times along with some down times but I have never seen a decline in over all sales as bad as this past year. The biggest problem that these sales professionals face is how to justify the long hours,usually 10 to 12 hours a day,the pressure to perform at high levels and the daily grind that comes with this industry for half the money that they are use to making. Automotive sales professionals are use to making on the average of $80,000 to $120,000 a year depending on what type of franchise they are selling for.

When you consider that less than 1% of the total population makes over $100,000 a year you can see how this industry can become very addictive. What career options are available to these people? What career could they change to and replace that type of annual income with out extensive training and added expense? Real Estate? I don’t think so. Real estate brokers,if possible, may be in a worse situation than automotive sales people. Mortgage Broker? Not a chance! They depend on Real estate brokers and they are both wondering what career is next for them.

The answer is Internet Marketing. There is no recession on the Internet! In the next 2 years 70 million people will be looking to start a full or part time home based business. This transformation from the traditional business model of brick and mortar to the Internet business model will be the greatest transformation of wealth in history. Anyone can start a home based business. No matter what your level of Internet experience is.

The 3 groups of people I mentioned before,Automotive,Real Estate and Mortgage Brokers, all have sales experience which gives them a bit of an upper hand or head start when getting started in Internet Marketing. Automotive sales professionals are already use to using a CRM tool with an automated email responder for the initial follow up after the first contact with the prospect. The only thing for the automotive sales person to do is plug into a system that does all the work for you. How easy can that be?

With a fully automated system that includes several income streams,cutting edge technology, professional up to date training from the industries leading income producers and marketers that will teach you how to use the marketing tools that are needed to be successful in Internet marketing, anyone can start making money from the comfort of their home on a full or part time basis. This is exactly how I began in this industry and I have been able to match my full time income working part time out of my home office.

All it takes is drive and determination and you can turn your part time business from home into a full time six figure income and fire your boss!